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Behind Closed Doors: Twin Sisters Come Forward


In no state or territory is a defense to incest.

  • Actress Jennifer Love Hewitt was born in Waco, Texas, to Patricia Mae Shipp , a speech-language pathologist, and Herbert Daniel Hewitt, a medical technician.

  • As a girl, Cobie had set her sights on becoming a doctor or a marine biologist.

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The twins' parents called a family meeting—with both Andrew and Matthew present—and the girls' 40-year-old father Brad reprimanded his sons for forcing themselves on Kellie and Kathie.

  • In the other states and territories, incest can also arise where one of the parties is below the age of consent, but this does not exclude the possibility of bringing the more general charge of sexual intercourse with a child under the age of 10 New South Wales and , 12, 16 or 17 and as the case may be.

  • Actress Novakovic was born on 17 November 1981 in Belgrade, Serbia, Yugoslavia.

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