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Though bitch you Snoop Dogg

Though bitch you Ariana/You Imagines


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Though bitch you Sike Nigga


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You said bitch though?

bitch you thought : u/EVILHALO420

There will be no end the attacks and bullying, until you stand up to , or permanently leave.

  • Muthafuckaz I look out way before you.

  • I'm telling you straight up that it's goofy as hell to say something like that because your situation is so unique, it literally has to fall into place at just right time for it to work out for you no matter how smart or opportunistic you are.

Bitch you thought : YouOnLifetime

Her knowledge of literature only goes far enough so that she can caption her photos with corny poem verses.

  • I never got a stipend though.

  • Noun: Bitch : A miserable person who sucks all joy and happiness out of life, and makes life a little less worth living by her consistently shitty attitude.